June 01, 2019 at 11:27am | Greg Flanagan
As the 3-digit heat of summer begins, so does our local awareness of and preparation for hurricanes. It's important to know what kinds of weather events are common when you move to a new area and to prepare for them in a knowledgeable and practical manner. For the southeastern coast of the US, it's hurricanes. And thank goodness we're local and can help you learn about and prepare yourself and your family in the event one starts to come our way.

The great news is that we get a head start as most ocean weather events can be seen and tracked several days before they affect us on land.

Though it's rare for the Charleston area to see much hurricane activity until the early fall, the watch and prepare season officially begins June 1 every year. We've been lucky for 30 years now to avoid a major hurricane; our last one was Hurricane Hugo in September 1989.

This year - 2019 - we've already seen named storms in the Atlantic, and the NOAA predictions are for a near-normal season:
  • 9-15 named storms
  • 4-8 of those achieving hurricane status
  • 2-4 becoming major hurricanes (Category 3, 4, or 5)
Download the 2019 South Carolina Hurricane Guide and be sure to download the SC Emergency Management Division app to your phone/tablet for official updates.

Download the 2019 South Carolina Hurricane Guide

Download the SC Emergency Manager App



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