September 7, 2018 | Greg Flanagan
While you may not be ready to raid the stores for bread and milk and other hurricane supplies, there are several quick and free things you can do to prepare...even last minute!

Download Reliable Information Sources

For local Lowcountry alerts and information, download the apps from

Your county emergency app:

Your county emergency website - with links to social media accounts to follow:

Your town's police department or emergency preparedness agency:
For national and post-hurricane relief, download the apps from
Red Cross

Know Your Emergency Radio Stations for the Lowcountry

Dig up your old transistor radio and mark these two stations for updates after the electricity goes out and your phone/tablet is finally out of power:
  • WIWF 104.1 FM
  • WLFF 106.5 FM

And don't forget to download - and maybe even print a hard copy - of the Official 2018 Hurricane Guide.


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