August 29, 2018 | Greg Flanagan
Good morning, Greg Flanagan here. Flanagan Home, Keller Williams Mount Pleasant South Carolina.
Coming to you today talking about one-hundred-percent 100% financing on mortgages. There are a few products out there, especially for first time home buyers, people who don’t have the funds for a down payment. As the housing prices just skyrocket closer to the coast, there’s still some great affordable homes in the Moncks Corner, Cane Bay, St. George, Bonneau, these are great places to live. Little bit more of a commute, maybe, but you know we’re getting to be that kind of community, a far cry from 20 some odd years ago when I came down here, and it was a two-lane road getting in and out of Charleston.

What I want to talk about is how can you buy a home for one-hundred-percent 100% mortgage with no money down. USDA - United States Department of Agriculture - the same people who stamp your meat and tell you that the meat is good and choice and preferred and prime and all of that stuff - will also finance your home. It’s a USDA loan. It’s 100%. Normally we can have the seller of these homes help you with closing costs. I did one the other day where the seller actually paid all of the closing costs for this young man, and he came out with a pretty nice home in St. George.

It’s available. The first thing you need to do, though, is you need to get qualified. And our prime lender Matt Mieras at Atlantic Bay Mortgage. His website is You definitely want to get Matt to get you pre-qualified to see what you can and can’t buy. We don’t want you getting all jacked up buying a house and not being able to afford it. Give Matt a call. Give me a call. Once we have you qualified, we’ll take you out, show you a couple of houses.

There aren’t a whole bunch of houses that are available, but there are houses that are definitely livable. Great first-time houses that you would cherish throughout the years.

My name’s Greg Flanagan. I’m a real estate broker here in Mount Pleasant with Keller Williams. If we can do anything for you, please give me a call, drop me an email. It’s My pocket phone is 843-547-9784. My desk phone - you can talk to CeCe - she’s at 843-416-1967.


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