At Flanagan Home Team we are growing a team of hard working , growth focused and highly driven real estate professionals. The ideal teammate accepts and adopts our methods for the Real Estate business, client service, and team culture. We will guide you to new habits, which will lead to a satisfying career. A career that you will enjoy a high rate of success…plain and simple.

    With a systemized business approach, a proven methodology, and support, making a living in the real estate industry can be fun and rewarding. It all starts with honing your basic skills. We start with the basics and work up from there. Our 24 month training/mentoring program will teach you how to cultivate, grow and maintain your business for years to come without encountering the downside that so many agents suffer during the year and shifts in the market.

    The hiring process is a multiple part application and interview. We pride ourselves on finding the right fit for each position. Start Here with a DISC assessment. When completed email both parts to

      Employee Testimonial The Flanagan Home Team:

      Working with Flanagan Home Team has been one of the best experiences of my career in real estate. The thorough and detailed interview process allowed me to recognize my strengths, weaknesses and goals as a realtor. Working with The Flanagan Home Team has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The standards, systems, and training they use have helped me develop my skills which increased my confidence asking for the sale. The decision I made to be a team member for FHT has been the best decision of my career to date.