Honoring The Historic Charleston Winter Storm 2018

Dated: 01/05/2018

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If you followed even one person in Charleston, SC, this week, you can tell the natives from the newer folks:

  • the natives compared this week's Winter Storm Grayson to the Christmas snow storm we experienced the December/January following the devastation of Hurricane Hugo in late 1989. That was a landmark weather event and still holds the record for snowfall accumulation.

  • the newer arrivals may remember our last snowfall in February 2010, which brought 3-5-inches around the Lowcountry.

Flanagan Home Team convened early in the morning Wednesday to check in on client needs; you can see here our cars/trucks lined up at the office Wednesday morning before the snow began. Nearly all of us have lived enough time "up north" and aren't afraid of snow...but the sheet of ice already forming on the parking lot surface and sidewalk was our cue to meet quickly and head home safely!

Flanagan Home Team - our cars/trucks lined up at the office the morning before the snow began.

Our buyer specialist Nina snapped this great shot of the snow falling in her back yard. No matter how many times you've seen it, there's something magical about the first snow, smooth and fluffy, still unbroken by human or animal prints.
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Our lead agent and team leader Greg was really missing his old snowblower to make quick work of clearing his truck and driveway. He knew that he'd fare better on Thursday if he started clearing Wednesday after the worst of the snowfall...and he was right!

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Greg measured about 3.5 inches late afternoon Wednesday. The snow hadn't finished, and we'd learn later that there was a bit more overnight.
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How did you weather the storm? Share your pics to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FlanaganHomeTeam/

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