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Dated: 10/17/2016

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Replace hardware

Knobs, door pulls, and handles can be purchased for a few dollars each at the home improvement store. Check out thrift stores or flea markets to save some money or to create a unique look. In the bathroom, replace the shower head, faucet, stoppers, and caulking. Clean the grout. Replace light fixtures in both rooms. A fresh coat of paint can also help refresh both spaces.
Offer creative storage options

Everyone needs more space for things. Manufacturers are constantly upping their storage game by creating containers, racks, and bins that fit in the tight spaces under sinks, inside of cabinets, and in closets. Maximize blank wall space by adding shelves. Disguise clutter in pretty baskets and bins. Add a few pieces of furniture that serve multiple purposes such as a bench that opens for storage or a portable island that you can move around as needed.
Upgrade appliances
If your appliances are relatively new but don’t match, you can purchase new face panels or doors from the manufacturer. Home improvement stores also sell peel and stick decorative decals for some added flair. If your appliances are aging, this might be a good time to start replacing them. New appliances are always a good selling point in real estate. If you’re worried about your appliances conking out on you later on, you may want to look into a home warranty for some added peace of mind. Warranties are often transferable when you sell your home.
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