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Dated: 07/27/2016

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It has been a long time since Pokémon was the topic of everyone’s conversation. I remember as a young child swapping cards with friends in order to battle my way into obtaining the most powerful Pokémon. Those were the days. But like everything else, we grew out of the thrill of Pokémon and moved onto other things. Pokémon became a precious childhood memory, like the Super Soaker® water guns and Razor Scooters™. It wasn’t until many years later that Pokémon made an incredible resurgence….something that I think none of us saw coming. The new app, Pokémon Go, has swept the nation and claimed the hearts of many millennials like myself. There is something to be said about walking the streets that you have always known, and suddenly getting the alert that there is a Pokémon nearby. It is like seeing your city from an exciting virtual world, and plus the app gets you to discover things you may not have known were there. In fact, a great number of PokéStops and Virtual Gyms are located right here in the city of Charleston. Players want to be able to visit PokeStops and Gyms in order to collect valuable virtual items to help them reach higher levels in the game. The dispersiveness of these virtual landmarks allow the players to visit neighborhoods, parks, and other residential communities, that they otherwise would have missed. This aspect comes in handy for Real Estate. Realtors and persons alike have begun using Pokemon Go as a way of promoting Open Houses in order to attract potential buyers. People have begun posting about the close vicinity of the PokeStops and Pokemon Go Gyms as a way of attracting roommates, buyers, and renters. It may seem silly that a video game would have such an impact on Real Estate, but the buyers are actually enjoying it! Tons of people are tweeting about how they are more likely to purchase property if they know it will help them "catch em all". The most interesting thing will be to see if Pokemon Go starts to affect property value in the near future.  

Written by Stevie Ann. 

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Greg Flanagan

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