5 Things Buyers Hate About Your House

Dated: 05/13/2015

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Image titleSo You have your house for sale and nobody is buying...What's Wrong? here are a few things my buyers have found over the years as EXCUSES not to buy your house. 

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Your House Smelled!! 

Pet Odors, Cooking Odors, Garbage Pails, Laundry Baskets, Cigarette Smoke.... These all have odors. We as residents of the house are accustomed to "our" fragrances and odors. Prospective buyers on the other hand are often offended enough they turn around at the front door, never seeing the rest of the house. What to Do?

Hire a professional to deodorize the house. Change out the carpets if pets have soiled them over the years. keep the laundry hamper dry. Tennis shoes and work out gear should be stored in the garage or outdoor breezeway to "air" dry.   Clean the filters on your overhead stove range hood, pull out the stove , clean the sides and underneath. Same with the other appliances. Spills and food get trapped, rot and smell. 

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You & or Your Dog were Home During the Showing.... LEAVE !!! 

Most buyers are intimidated to take a good look at the house if you or your pet is standing there watching them. Even if you're in the other room it makes them uncomfortable. Go for a walk and take the dog, please. If you are not home, don't leave your dog in the house. I am not going to give it a treat or put it outside before showing the house. I will skip houses where it says there is a dog inside. Crated or not, it is a distraction to the buyers.  Remove yourself and the pets, everyone will be happier. 

If you work from home, try to cluster your showings in a one or two hour period each day. A morning appointment block coupled with an afternoon/evening works well. Saturday you will need to block at least 2 time periods if you don't intend being away all day. 

I'm not a Sunday person, it's your choice whether to allow showings that day. 


These are major distractions. Start packing, you are moving. 

Buy some boxes and start packing. This house you've called home for years is now a product on the grocery store shelf. If it's covered with dust and cobwebs and other products you can't see what is for sale and that is what we are trying to do , SELL your house. I have countless stories of buyers remembering more about the "STUFF" they saw than the features of the house. Keep a few cherished pictures of the kids, parents and friends the rest need to packed away. Clear the photo walls, pack the library books, pack the winter clothes, the seasonal linens and anything else that you will not be using. If that Lazy boy is old and you're trashing it on the way out, do it now. Sit somewhere else for the 60 days. 

You need to showcase your house. This season especially, there is lots of competition from new home sales. Nice , new, clean, sweet smelling ready to move in homes priced similar to yours. 

I can help you make your home a showcase that will compete with the new homes.

Greg Flanagan

Flanagan Home Team Real Estate 


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Greg Flanagan

Greg is a seasoned agent having helped over 250 families sell their current homes and purchase the home of their futures. ....

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